More Blue Badges

We hear in the news that more people with disabilities are going to get the chance of using a Blue Badge Scheme on their cars, allowing them to park in more convenient places when they are out.

It about time this system was overhauled because, it discriminated against many people who find it hard to walk long distances these days.

Howevever I do feel that local authorities need to control them much better than they do at present, because in many towns, like my own, these badges are abused, by many people who are physically fit and just too lazy to walk anywhere.

It annoys me when we go to a supermarket, and see young people parking in disabled bays, when there is nothing wrong with them. To many of these people, these bays are just normal parking bays, and they have the right to park there. They seem to resent people with disabilities and that is so wrong.

In the 1980s my wife had a serious road accident, which ended up with her having umteem operations over two years in a hospital. She had terrible problems walking, and she was awarded one of the Blue Badges for our car.

After three years she handed it back because she no longer needed it, but many people thought that this was wrong because she could have carried in using it.

Being strong willed she said that she would rather walk for her fitness, and I thought it was good, but many friends complained about it.

I would not want one of these, as I like to walk or use the bus when ever I can, but there are thousands of worthy people within this country who have need of them, so I am pleased that the law is changing, to help those who really need them.

Let us all hope that these badges reach those in need, and restrictions are put in place to stop the abuse of the Blue Badge Scheme within the UK


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