Amazing people

Over the last week, the weather has been extremely harsh to say the least.

It's bad enough if you are physically and mentally fit, but to those of us with medical conditions, it has been hard to cope with.

I personally don't like snow because I have balance problems to start with, coupled with my slowness in planning these days, life is a little hazardous to say the least.

However I have seen and read many stories about people in the North East which have made me proud of the area.

People with 4 wheel drive vehicles offering to take doctors and nurses into hospitals, when they were stuck without transport.

Some spending time recovering vehicles stuck in the deep snow, without and thought of rewards etc.

Some nurses staying in the hospitals when they are finished, because there was no guarantees of them getting home again, let alone getting back to work the next day.

This shows real dedication to their role in life, and shows this Government up completely, as possibly one on the worst Government,
I can remember in my life time, and I don't say this lightly 

I was old enough to vote from 1965, but I don't ever remember the country being in such a state as it is now

Over the last ten years we have seen savage cuts to services, due to the Government taking money from poorer areas, and giving it to the wealthier areas.

Things like taking the council tax from the North East and giving it to places like Surrey etc.

However I do think many people are fed up with the lying politicians in this country, and sick to death of this Brexit rubbish which should have been sorted out long ago.

I do feel that now many people have decided to take things into their own hands to keep their communities moving, a bit like the war time spirit.

Halls have been opened up to get the homeless off the streets in this terrible weather, and in many places hot food is being taken round to those in need.

The media as usual have done their normal thing, which is to blame the council's etc, for not clearing all of the roads even when they are short of money.

They are not highlighting the positive things going on around the area, something we should all be proud of.

As one police officer said yesterday, people have been warned of the hazardous conditions on the roads, yet the still drive at high speed expecting everyone else to keep out of their way.

Others blamed the lorry drivers for blocking the roads. But without these large lorries, how would the food get to the shops etc.

While this weather has proved to be dangerous, and we have seen many idiots on the roads, we have also seen many people give up their time etc, to help others to get to work, or stay safe.

Over the years things have changed in this country. When I was young we walked to school which was around 3 miles away. This was because we liked walking, and it saved waiting for a bus which may not have turned up.

It was a healthy active life, where many these days rely on someone taking them to school in a warm car, even if it's just down the road.

To us we had to get to school or we were in trouble, and the teachers got there come what may.

No matter what the weather was like, we got there.

However seeing the way things have gone recently I have been totally amazed. It still proves that there are still some people who will go the extra mile, no matter what the weather is.

Thank you to all our emergency services etc, and all who did so much to keep things moving in this terrible weather.

Thanks also to our local football clubs who took the rough sleepers off the streets and provided accomodation along with food banks.

Football can provide rivalry, but they have done their best to help the needy, and that says a lot in this day and age


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