Good day all round

Today has been a lot more positive than expected.

We had to go to a funeral first thing,  after which we got the express bus to Newcastle and had my phone checked in the Virgin mobile shop.

We were told all was well, and my balance was alright. So after all of the worrying I had not lost my data,  it was the way my brain had been interpreting the data application.

But it was all explained to us both, so that my wife could keep me straight.
Having said that, my wife is not well up with technology and struggles herself at times, but we muddle through as best we can

The staff there seemed to be more focused on the public, and when I explained my illness problems, the young man seemed to step up a gear

I can commend the Virgin Mobile staff in Newcastle for being so kind and supportive

After this we went for a curry, before doing some shopping, and then got the express back home again

It seems that after last week's total hell, I have turned the corner, and most things are fitting into place again

I confess that I was terrified at the way things were going last week,  but I am more positive now


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