Maintaining Routines

Over the years many people have told us to set up and run a routine to get us through the day.

But like other people, I know that this is easier said than  done,  on some days.

I was originally told to set up a routine, after my diagnosis in  County Durham.

This idea is that it makes life so much easier, getting things done during each day.

However as i have found out on many occassions, it only takes a small distraction at the wrong time, and then things go haywire

I have used the same system over the years, yet things still go wrong, especially if you are in a different environment or if you have visitors

I have tried having settings on my mobile phone for my tablets,  but this again relys on you being in the right place at the right time.

I have been distracted on many occasions, and this can be frustrating if you have forgotten to take your tablets in time etc.

However there are other times that it can be embarrassing.

I was once getting shaved when something happed. Later that morning my wife said she looked at my face,  and saw that I had shaved one side of my face, and not the  other ?

Luckily for me I dont have a dark beard to it was not so obvious

There have been many occasions when I heard my phone alarm go off, but was not ready for my tablets,  or I was still eating etc.   So I say I will take them shortly, only to come back later and find my tablets still in the box untouched

This even happens when I have the tablet box in my pocket.

I have on many occasions got out of bed after a bad night, and the routine has gone out of the window.

It does not take a lot to throw things out of gear like this, just a slight distraction either a noise like a door bell or telephone, to someone asking you something.

I guess one way would be to set up a reminder on my phone, but reminders sometimes get in my nerves at times, especially if you are eating and you get a text etc.

I then find that I turn off the sounds and then things go completely wrong. 

While reminders are good to keep us going, there are times when they are impossible to stick to, and that is more frustrating at times.

But having a routine is very important, because it allows us to have that extra bit of freedom,  without needing support from others all day


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