Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Three Nations Dementia Working Group

Three Nations Dementia Working Group 

Just after Christmas I heard that a new Dementia Working Group was being set within the Alzheimer's Society.

Scotland has had its own Dementia Working group for quite a few years, so it was decided that the members of this group would be drawn from England,  Wales and Northern Ireland.

The thought of doing something positive, and trying to improve the lives of people living with dementia, while removing stumbling blocks like the stigma we see and hear of on a daily basis, spurred me into action.

This group allows us all to work together where our voices can be heard by all within Society 

We have one member from each of the Alzheimer's Societies 12 Regions  

Chris Roberts,  North Wales,    Linda Willis,  and South Wales.

Danny Brown &  Liz Cunningham, Northern Ireland.

Ken Clasper,  North East England.     Joy Watson, North West England.

Wendy Mitchell, Yorkshire and Humberside

Shelagh Robinson, West Midlands.     Alex Preston, East Midlands

Peter White,  East England.     Hilary Doxford, South West England

Keith Oliver, South East England.   Dianne Campbell, London

It must be remembered that this is a group of interesting people,  who want to help others, and they are all very friendly to be with 

If anyone in "County Durham or Northumberland" would like to get involved, I would love to hear from them, and I will gladly go to any groups in this area to talk about the Working group, and explain how they can get involved if they are interested

This is a wonderful opportunity and a chance to speak up for everyone with the illness, while  getting together and meeting new friends from around the UK.

As an Ambassador with the Lewy Body Society, I am proud to be working with the Three Nations Dementia Working Group

So why not contact me if you live in this area.


I look forward to hearing from people, from the Northumberland and Durham areas, who wish to be involved 

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