Lovely Day at Beamish Museum

After a rubbish start today, I looked at my blog and accidentally deleted this post, and had to redo it all over again

Last week my Son Mark, his Wife Tracy and their children Jacob and Holly, met up with my wife and I, along with our daughter Claire and family from Farnborough who were here on holiday
It was lovely to see them all together, as its not often that Claire's Children meet up with Marks due to the distance
However Lucy, Emily and Matthew had a lovely time, because they love going up to Beamish 

I can remember many people having motorcycles and sidecars in my early days, because cars were not so popular, as in many cases they were very expensive

         These early cars look lovely, but I would imagine they are not so nice in foul weather

                  Here we watched a Welsh Saw Mill in action driven by a traction engine

                              The Old Penny farthing bikes of days gone by
                                                      First World War Truck

                                                       First World war soldiers marching up the front street

                                                Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

                                                    Advertising outside the railway station

      I wonder how many people could remember seeing these signs at the track side I days gone by

The Old Rowley Railway station which was moved here stone by stone when the original station closed down

                                                     A Tarmac Steam Lorry

                                                    Steam train at the station 

                  As a child I remembered these old trolley buses in Newcastle and Sunderland                                                             

                               Another First World War Truck with a heavy winch on the back

                                          Jacob and Matthew playing in the sand just before Lunch
                                                            Lunch Time

                                            A very old Case Tractor

                                  Steam Threshing and baling, another wonderful sight from years gone by

When I was very young, I remembered the traders and milk men used to come round the streets with horse and carts like this delivering milk and groceries

One of the many steam Lorry's on display.
This one was a McPhersons Distillery Lorry from Scotland

A heavy haulage lorry

An assortment of old cars with a steam excavator in the back ground  

A miniature steam train which was on display before heading off to its destination in the lake district
to run on the Esk Line

The old mining village which includes a Chapel, School, Mining cottages, Fish and chip shop engine sheds and shops including a bakery

There is also a walk in drift mine and a colliery along with engine sheds and workshops


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