Dementia Cafe

I went to a Dementia Cafe in Barnard Castle and really enjoyed myself.

My wife had suggested that we go, as we were staying at our Holiday Static Caravan in Barnard Castle, and the memory Cafe was around a mile away.

I have been to many of these dementia Cafes, but always left feeling it was a waste of time, but this one was totally different.

I guess that it was different for a few reasons, but one reason was that everyone there  was so friendly, and ignored the fact that we were not really from the town. 

Most people we see around the town speak, and that's something I find unusual, these days.

But everyone we see going into, and out of the town centre treat us like locals, and either wave or speak as we pass.

This is what I call a very friendly town, and certainly a Dementia friendly town.

The town where  we live these days, has changed from the town I grew up in, and these days apart from neighbours very few people speak.

But the interesting thing about Barnard Castle, is the fact that there are lots of things going on for both carers and people living with Dementia, and that's a wonderful sign these days.

While many areas of the country,  are suffering from savage cuts, this area seems to be bucking the trend, and have lots of services.

I do think that this is down to the local staff and volunteers, who seem to be more switched on.

Barnard Castle has a slight draw back, like Chester le Street, and that's the high volume of traffic passing through

However I fear that the county council are ignoring the traffic, in the hope that it will all sort itself out, if they ignore the problem.

Whether we like it or not,  many people living with Dementia and other neurological illnesses struggle to judge traffic speeds and distances

It may be nothing to councillors, but it's life and death to a person living with this illness.

Durham County Council has always claimed to be dementia friendly, going back to when I spent a day in county hall talking to all of the councillors. But in all honesty I don't think that they are remotely interested.

However I really love being around Barnard Castle, seeing all of the wild life during the day, and hearing the owls in the trees outside our caravan every night.

I know that there are two owls most nights and it's so nice to hear, even if I am on my own, because it feels as if I am not alone.

I think they are Tawny and Barn owls, but I am not sure.


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