Understanding changes

After a diagnosis of something like Lewy Body Dementia, it can be very  confusing when things like tastes change.

For years  loved classical music and found it relaxing. I also like pop music from the 1950 -60s.

My tastes in music have changed slightly these days, but while I still like classic music, I now find, that I also like things like Freddie Mercury and Queen,, along with Rick Wakeman, and many others that would have been classed as rock or heavy metal.

Although these have been around a long time, it was not my sort of taste, which seems very strange

However I have noticed that although I loved to listen to classical music during the night if I wake from a graphic nightmares,  I have had to remove some music for my         I pod player,  because it was causing more problems when I was asleep.

My wife thought it could have been changes in the style or speed of the music, but sometimes it sent me into another nightmare.

My tastes in food has changed quite a lot, something that I grind very odd

Before and after we were married,  I always liked British food and never touched anything like a curry, whether Chinese,  Indian or anything else.

However these days, I love all types of curry, and what is more, the hotter they are, and the spicier, they are the  better. I could eat them all day.

Last time we flew to Turkey we were given lunch going out, and  breakfast coming back,  but somehow these got mixed up, and I ended up with a Thia curry for Breakfast? 

I confess that this was novel, but really  enjoyed it. It was not a normal breakfast  but it was very nice.

But I simply don't understand how tastes change like this, as it simply does not make any sense at all.

I now understand how carers get upset, when the person that they are caring for, refuses to eat the same foodstuffs,  that they have eaten for many years.

Obviously something has changed dramatically inside the brain to cause this, but I dont know what.

My coordination has changed quite a lot too, and this causes many problems, so much so that many hobbies have been stopped.


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