Graduate nurses and Dementia

Today I managed to confirm the dates for going back to giving "Living with Lewy Body Dementia"  presentations to Graduate Nurses at Northumbria University

I have not been able to do this for a year or so because of the problems with the diagnosis, and my recurring chest infections.

But as my diagnosis is all sorted out, and my medication for chest problems is being sorted out so  I am now able to start again.

It's been a difficult time, but over the last two new months I have been able to get some control over my life again which is good

I do now, have the new diagnosis of "Emphysema" and "Bronchiectasis" along with the Lewy Body Dementia, but I am sure that this will sort itself out very soon once I get started on the new medication and physiotherapy or Pulmonary rehabilitation as it's called.

I do feel that it's very important talking to nurses like this, because they are able to get information from someone with the illness,  and that's more up to date than many text books these days.

These people need to know about all forms of dementia,  because whether we like it or not, some people have very graphic nightmares etc, and we don't want to be accused of aggressive behaviour, if someone tries to wake us up from a nightmare, and then ends up being hit,

Teaching about dementia etc, should cover all types of the illness, because far to many people including professionals, think that because they have seen one person with the illness, that they know it all

There are far to many combinations of this illness, and one size does not fit everyone.

As one professor once said, there are well over 130 variations of this illness, and everyone is different.

We are all individuals, with different problems and symptoms.

Each year I do around 6 one hour presentations,  as a visiting lecturer and that's good for me as well as for them.

It keeps me active and keeping my brain ticking over, which has to be good all round.


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