Is pollution getting worse

Over the years we have heard of  the heavy pollution that used to plague London, the "London Smog"  as it was called

We all thought that this was a thing of the past, something that would never come back again, yet it's here to stay

I guess with my chest problems,  fumes have always made life much worse, and working in industry all of my life,  has taken its toll on my health

But to be honest, I don't understand why the Government is not sorting out the present day pollution problems, because we seem to be going back to the dark ages, of dirty air
I often wonder if this is because most of the Government went to private schools, and they look down on the rest of us with hate.

I notice this when we travel down to London on the train, because the air in Kings Cross station is deadly, and this is highlighted by the alarm going off on my phone application telling me that the air is getting bad.
Breezo meter app.

However it's not just in London stations that we see and taste this foul air, it's all over the country these days.

Although the Government knows just how bad polution is in this country, it seems as if it just does not care.

There was a report done before the last general election, but the government said that it could not do anything until after the election. 
Now we are passed it and this report is still hidden away.

I guess they will wait until the World Health Authority stands up and sues the UK Government, for being incompetent

However it's not just the elderly that may be struggling with this toxic air, its our children and Grandchildren, who will struggle with chest problems in years to come.

It is said that pollution is monitored in many towns and city's these days, but I wonder what happens with the results, are they simply shredded or deleted when it proves far too toxic to produce..

It seems that this Government has lost its way and no longer cares about the citizens in the UK.

I guess that this is the worst side of a capitalist Government, who think only if themselves.

When we look around these days, most of the rail infrastructure and rolling stock is owned by Foreign Train companies, or foreign leasing companies, who will charge extra for clearer rolling stock etc.

Many of the larger road fleet operators may be looking after their vehicles better than smaller operators, but there are still thousands of dirty polluting vehicles on the UK roads, and it makes me wonder how they pass an MOT test, in the first place

Chest problems are costing the NHS a lot of money, yet the Government cannot see this, and I now wonder if it ever will, or will it carry on burying it's head in the sand.
It worry me that this Government is passing everything over to local authorities these days, and I feel that in many cases this is wrong,  because we need the whole country to be on a level playing field so everything is standard where ever we go.

It's no good having strict pollution guidelines in one town or city and not anywhere else.

I think that this shows that this Government is out of control now, like a rudderless ship. After all of these years of stable Government it fills me with fear for the next 5 years.

However we must all work together for our children and Grandchildren, because it's their health at risk with this pollution now, an no regulations like Health and safety etc are going to make any difference


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