Thank you Jessops

The other day I had to go to a camera shop, because I had problems with a camera lens, but I needed to know that it was the lens, and not me using it wrongly

However I was pleasantly surprised by the support I was given by the technician

I explained the problems and then explained that my memory is not working the way it used to, due to brain problems.

I admit that I did the wrong thing originally  by buying this from Amazon, rather than a camera shop, something I will never do again. I also bought a Sigma lens which I possibly should  have steered well clear of, instead of buying a canon lens

Without hesitating he said, please don't worry sir, I will check things over and explain what's wrong.

I knew that the lens worked fine in manual, but the motor was not working properly in automatic settings.

As the lens is now out of warranty, I don't want to get caught out paying more for the repair, than the lens is worth.  This happened to me once before, so, I am careful never to get involved like this again.

I have had a lot of use out of this lens since I bought it 4 years ago, but I guess that with my balance issuses,  and changing lenses when needed, is not too good when your brain does its own thing at times

To me this was an ideal multi purpose  lens,  so I only used this, rather than carrying a few lenses and changing it over regularly  for a different lens.

This technician  had a kind attitude, rather than the usual stroppy attitude that we get used to in shops these days.

He was interested in my problems and worked on the lens for over 15 mins, before   telling me that it would need to be sent away for repairs.

As it was a motor problem in autofucus,  he was unsure as to how much the repair would cost, so I decided to think about it and replace the lens later if I needed to.

However I will carry on using this in my good days, and replace it later in when I can no longer use manual settings

I said that I would think about whether to have it repaired, and left the shop after thanking him for his kindness.

I cannot thank Jessops enough for their kindness and support


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