Not a good memory week

It's been a rough week all round, and I am pleased it's over with now.

I found that I struggled with many things including basic cooking, apart from the microwave food,  and that was hard to accept.

I now realise that I am restricted in what I am able to do on my own, so I may have to think carefully , next time my wife needs to go away for a few days

Even doing simple things like bacon and eggs, scrambled eggs and omelette were a nightmare. It all looked like some war zone
I remember turning the scrambled eggs over in the glass dish, and it all stayed firmly in the dish, and did not move. I thought it was there to stay, but I managed to get it out. 

After years of doing this on my own, I was a little shocked at how things turned out.
I used to, love cooking, but realise that it's a no go area these days.

But I guess it's because I cannot plan things out, and time them as I used to

Still life goes on, and the boss is back home again, so the food will not look like a war zone anymore.
We saw a lovely cruise in the papers today, going up the Norwegian Fiords, something we  have wanted to do, while I am still able to do it.

But we then realised that we cannot plan that far, because I am still waiting to hear from the Respiratory Consultant.

My wife rang the consultants secretary to find out when I would see the consultant next, but she was unaware that all of the tests had been completed, but is now arranging the next appointment which is good.

Now it's a case of waiting and see what they comments up with


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