Lovely weekend

Although I was feeling rough with my chest, we managed to have a lovely weekend in London and a lovely Anniversary

We travelled down to London on a train full of  Scottish football fans, going to Wembley for their game with England
Many were lively but they were good natured and that's good these days.

I confess that I struggled with the air in London, but that's they way it is these days.

I can remember the days  as a child, when the air in London was a lot worse and they had smog nearly every day

The only downside was the hotel, which was not so good,  but that was booked in a package deal through the travel agent

We had stayed at this hotel before, but it's gone down hill over the last few years

When we arrived all seemed well, and then we went off to book some theatre tickets.

After returning we went off to get dinner at a different hotel owned by the same group of  hotels, something which seemed odd at the time, but it was a nice 3 course meal

However the next day we met and had lunch with our daughter and then went to see a show in the west end. This was the Carol King story, and it was quite moving.

After this week went back to our hotel and our daughter went back home.


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