Common cold and the flu vaccination

A couple of weeks ago I got the common cold and like everyone else I just got on with life.

However i was due to have a flu vaccination,  so my wife contacted our doctors to ask if I should wait until the cold had completely cleared before having the vaccination

She was told that I should carry on and get the vaccination, because unless I had a temperature I was completely safe

I did not have a temperature at the time so we carried on with it.

Today I was told by an NHS staff member that it was unwise to have a flu vaccination when you have a cold?

I was told that I should have waited for 10 days before having this vaccination because it could have  caused problems

So just who do you believe in This?

I told this staff member that I had COPD / Bronchiectasis and struggled with recurring chest infections, so it's hard to recognise when it's a safe time you get this vaccination.

My problem is that these infections usually start around 6 - 8 weeks after the previous one, so it's hard to get an appointment at the doctors which fits in with these nightmares.

To me there must be a guideline for these injections and chest infections, and I cannot believe that different doctors have different sets of rules.

The only thing I can think of, is that the doctors have decided, that we should have the vaccination and put up with the risks as and when they appear.

Or perhaps in this case there is never a good time for this

Perhaps with these lung problems, there is never a totally safe time to have a flu vaccination

My only concern is that if like me, you have the heamophilis influenza bug in your lungs already,  are you asking for more problems by having a flu vaccination like this. Or is there a risk if you add more of the same bug into the already infected system

I am not a doctor nor do I know a lot about COPD and Bronchiectasis, but I find this all very confusing


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