Balance clinic

I had my 6 monthly visit to the balance clinic on Friday,  and left feeling totally confused.
This was because the consultant, keeps in touch with my new Lewy Body consultant, yet things had not changed as far as she was concerned, apart from the fact that I am worse than I was at the last visit.
However after my assessment she discussed sundowning, and then went in to talk about my Lewy Body Dementia?
This threw me completely and my wife felt exactly the same, because we had settled down to accept the new diagnosis title of Mild Cognitive Impairment
I confess that I knew nothing about sundowning, so it was a surprise to hear what she had to say,
Although when I got home, my wife had to explain it all again, because I had largely forgotten what was discussed
Over the last few months I have had a lot of problems after 6 pm each day, but never connected them to the illness,  but thought that I was just having a bad night
We have just received a new appointment to see the Lewy Body Consultant on Friday of this next week, so my wife is going to ask some questions about my diagnosis.
I confess that I have accepted the new diagnosis at present, but all of this keeps upsetting things all over again.
I admit that I really struggle you remember things these days, and my hobbies are starting to slide away.
I hang on the computer by using Dragon 11 voice activated software, which allows me  to carry on writing on my bad days.
That's providing I can get started on a topic
But my photography is sliding away, and that was one of my main hobbys which I loved doing, but now the settings are very difficult to remember, even on the good days.
However I have to motivate myself to remain active


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