Just what happened

After being an engineer for many years, and being able to sort problems out all hours of the day, whether that was during the day or middle of the night, I am now at the stage where planning something can be distressing.

Most of the time it's near enough impossible to work out how to do things. 

Things like ironing which I got used to doing while my wife was in hospital for nearly three years on and off after a serious road accident. These days ironing is out of the question because I can never get the creases in the right place, but I think that's down to perception.

These were the days when I could multi task as I have been reminded many times.

Multitasking has long gone, as has my coordination which can be upsetting at times.

Sometimes simple things like putting shopping into a bag can be a minefield, because I usually end up struggling with the shopping bag hand holds. 

If someone had told me years ago, that I would struggle with simple things like that, I would have thought that they were stupid. 

I confess that the brain is very complex, but why things have changed like this I simply do not understand.
I was always right handed but now my left hand is faster a nd stronger

I never had problems with technology before, but now it's a struggle to learn new things, or even find the obvious things which are usually right in front of my nose.

At work I had two computers on my desk as my son kindly reminds me. One for reports, estimates and all of the normal stuff, while the other controlled all of the ventilation, heating systems boilers and pumps etc. 

Now I have to struggle with the tablet or computer on some days, other days I simply do not go there, but I guess that's life and I have to learn to live with it.

Thank goodness most computers have voice activation built in which makes life so much easier, just talking while the machine types it all out.

However one of the worst things these days are the supermarkets which are run by so called dementia friendly management and staff. 

Where you find loaded trollies full with goods ready for the shelves, around every corner of the shops blocking off areas and making life incredibly difficult, when you are struggling with your brain and perception. 

I do not usually go near to these places on a weekend because they seem to be full of idiots rushing round with trollies pushing people over, and being abusive if you happen to get in your way.

So much for these places being dementia friendly, I have to ask who trained them and whether they got the full course.


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