Eyesight problems

Over the years I have struggled with my memory problems, but one way or another I always seem to find a way to cope as it changed on a daily basis.

However my eyesight has caused extra problems, and this has added extra unwanted problems, because I have had my eyes tested, and they have said that there is nothing obvious.

These eyesight problems seem to vary,  and at times I simply cannot workout what is on the television.

I know that there are problems with eyesight in Parkinson's which is similar to Lewy Body Dementia, and I am waiting to get my eyes tested by a neurological specialist, in the hope that they can sort this out.

These problems go from double vision to blurred at times which is stressful, but other times recently I have seen people walking towards me, but I have not been able to see their faces clearly, and that is weird.  

Having a rubbish memory is bad enough at times, but I do feel that when your eyesight plays up, it can be disturbing to all. 

I have struggled for years in busy places and on escalators etc,  because it causes problems especially  when things are moving and you are trying to process the information.

I have a lot of problems adjusting my eyes and focusing on subjects at times, and was told that the eye muscles are weak and not as cordinated as they should be

But I do wonder how much of this is to do with the brain and its processing of information, and not the eyesight, as it seems 

Since October I have given up driving, and now there are times when I feel that I cannot use a computer properly as it's difficult to see clearly.


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