Time for the second opinion

Since being referred for a second opinion for Lewy Body Dementia in September,  I have been waiting to the results of tests to come through so we can get the answers.

It's taken some time to get this far, but as a second specialist has now been in touch about a follow up appointment for my balance/ "Parkinson" issues, and  we found out the some results had not been forwarded to the correct place.

This morning my wife spoke to a medical secretary about this, and we have now been given an appointment date for early next month.

I confess that I am getting very nervous about this, but I am hopeful that this can now be resolved and we can move in with our lives,

It may be that more tests may be required, but at least things are now moving.

I have never been sure that I had a form of dementia, but recognised that I do have memory , balance and tremor problems at times. 

This short term memory has caused a lot of problems, and it got to the stage where I refused to get involved with discussions or meetings, because I could not always remember what had just been said. 

 My hobby of photography has also suffered over the last two years, and that is something I got a lot of pleasure out of doing, but when you struggle with the camera settings, you lose interest

This also caused problems when replying to emails, because I cannot remember what has been written, and sometimes repeat myself. 

This sometimes causes me to repeat things that have already been spoken about by other am and that is embarrassing to me as well as to others, 

I sometimes get very annoyed when I am trying to do simple DIY tasks, because I don't always remember how to do these anymore, even though I have done them all of my working life. 

If I ever manage to complete one of these tasks properly, I feel as if I have won the Lottery, and get a sense of achievement. But sadly those days are few and far between.

I know that I have brain shrinkage because it was picked up in an MRI scan, buts that's as much as I know.

So I am now just waiting to see if we can get any further forward with this diagnosis. 

My problem is that I forget things so easily, that when it comes to appointments, it all goes out of the window, and I struggle to remember.

My wife has said that I am going to have to sit down and try to write things out, before I have my next appointment. 

This would help me and also the doctor I am seeing, but it's easier said than done at times, because unless I write it down fast, it's gone for ever


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