Should charities be more Accountable

Over the last few days we have heard about charities bombarding people with appeals for more and more money, but I do wonder if they are controlled enough.

Sadly one elderly lady died partly because of all of the appeals she was getting through the post, it was not the total cause, but upsetting enough.

These days you cannot go to the shops without being bombarded by charity workers in the streets asking you to sign up to a direct debit to one charity or another.

Many years ago, if you were collecting for a charity you could hold a collection tin, but you were not allowed to stop people in the streets or shops, nor were you allowed to speak out, that was outlawed. 

These days people collecting money seem to get right in front of you, and shake their tin, just to put more pressure on you to pay up.

However these days I do feel that charities need to be monitored and should be accountable to the paying public.

While we may know generally who the money goes to, we rarely hear about where all if the money goes to, and this sometimes gets people asking questions.

Many charities have vast offices usually in fancy places, which usually cost a lot of money, and this is something I have always thought of as being wrong.

You could have a big office in somewhere which is not too expensive or fancy, but this appears to be something that charities do not think of. 

But I do feel that if they were forced to be open and accountable to the public, they would be forced to use money wisely and not waste it. 

Charities have also been accused of passing on people's names and addresses to other charities, and I feel that is disgusting and unlawful.

Many people these days sponsor one charity or another be pending on their finances at the time. 
But this should be up to them, they should not be forced to put money in every collection pot on the streets. 

I know that charities are being underfunded these days, but if they are not careful, I can see a day when their fundraising will be strictly controlled and monitored by governments, and I feel that would be bad for these organisations and very sad.


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