Letting this blog go now

I am letting this blog go now.

This is for various reasons, one of which is that I am being transferred to another larger hospital for the diagnosis to be completed, after problems with one of the doctors who could not be bothered to go through her reasons for her rediagognisis, and would not answer my wife's questions.

I am now under a top specialist at a different hospital, but I am prepared for the diagnosis to be changed to mild cognitive impairment, if it goes that way, because they are taking the time to explain things properly and that means a lot these days.
They treat people with dignity and respect.

I may not have a dementia, but I know that my short term memory is rubbish, and I just have to move on.

However since my chest infections kicked in again 8 weeks ago, I have since been diagnosed with COPD, Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease, and have therefore decided to take things easy and try to get myself sorted out

This has also caused extra problems with my thinking. planning and memory, but I just have to try to do what I can to remain active.

This will allow me to slow down and enjoy my family, rather than being involved in dementia projects etc which have taken up most of my time over the last few years.

Besides which the constant coughing is a distraction at times, and can be upsetting when people keep looking at you. 

I will also wait for the hospital tests to be completed, so that I can get the correct diagnosis about my memory. This will be sorted out sometime after Christmas but at least I know that something is happening.
I am leaving this blog on line so that earlier pages can still be looked at, but I would like to thank you all for your support over the years.

I will also keep in touch once the final diagnosis comes through after Christmas 


  1. Hi Ken,

    We will miss you here… but I fully understand.

    Hope you are feeling better very soon. Thinking of you both often, and hope to see you next year.

    Kate xox

  2. Hi Kate

    Thank you so very much

    I am still feeling rough, but I think the infections is starting to clear at long last

    Ken xx

  3. Just found your blog. Good luck for the future


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