I confess that I am very confused at present, because I no longer know who to believe as far as medical professionals are concerned.

My new  dementia consultant said that I did not have Lewy Body Dementia, but have Mild a Cognitive Impairment, because I did not deteriorate fast enough. 

Another consultant who I am seeing for my balance and Parkinson type symptoms, said he thought I did have a slow burning type of LBD, and has arranged for a personal second opinion, something the first doctor refused to do.

But it appears that a letter dated from 2009 has appeared and stated that I had an MRI scan which showed up problems in the Fronto Temporal area of the brain, and said something abut TIA which I now understand is a mini stroke etc, 
However this letter was ignored by the hospital consultants at the time, even though it stated that I should be referred  back to see a neurologist. 

Now it's all come to light again, and I am wondering where I am going with this nightmare, as I no longer know who to trust any more.

Although we had a copy of this letter at home, no one explained it, or took it any further, and this is starting to make me angry and annoyed at the NHS.

I can only hope that someone comes along and gets this all sorted out, so that we can move on. 

No wonder people are losing faith in the NHS when I look at this mess.


  1. (( hugs )) Thank you so much for continuing to write thru all this confusion <3

  2. Thanks Ken. Your entry is in this month’s “Perspectives” newsletter


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