Should the NHS provide more services for those with Dementia

After Friday's  blog which I found in a News article on the Internet, I do wonder if the large dementia charities and the  NHS, do enough to support those with dementia

We really do need more specialist  Admiral nurses around this country, supporting those with dementia, when they are in need, and it's my opinion that the large dementia charities should work with the NHS to provide them 

These charities get a lot of funding, yet they do little to help with caring, etc, so they should really do something to support those they claim to be caring for.

This government also  claims to be dementia friendly, but that's as far as it goes. They all wear a badge but never take things any further, to me they are simply using illnesses like dementia to hide their other problems. 
We really do need the government to force  the NHS into supporting Admiral Nurses and base them in the local areas. It's simply not good enough, at present. 

Everyone has paid over the years towards the National Health Service, and therefore we should all be treated as equals. 

Far too much money is thrown away on management which is over rated, and in many cases, unnecessary.  

If you get cancer you are supported by Macmillan nurses from the start, and I really do think we should be seeing Admiral nurses when a person gets dementia.

The NHS can afford this service if they balanced their books properly, but it's up to the large dementia Charities to get up and fight for these nurses, not sit back and let others do their work

Money is wasted in the NHS on people like those who get drunk every weekend, rather than sending them somewhere else to get them off the habit. If  that treatment fails they should take the hard approach, and make them pay for treatment, because like it or not, it's self inflicted, unlike dementia

Services are being stretched to the limit by this alcohol problem in the UK, and it's time it was stopped. 

When we look at it the carers In this country, they save the Government and NHS billions each year, yet they are untrained, get little or no support, nor do they get any thanks from the government.

Many people with dementia want to stay at home where they will be cared for properly, but to do this, we need the backup and support of good quality nursing staff, and it's here that the admiral nurses come in. 
They are qualified to support not just the person with the illness, but also the carer. 
It's simply not good enough to rely on caring organisations, because the specialist treatment and service does not exist. 

 So perhaps it's time that the NHS was made to provide the services that people need rather than spending billions on the drunkards every weekend

Having been in an accident and emergency department with my wife one weekend, I was horrified at the number of drunkards, all dishing out abuse towards everyone else, yet if a person with dementia gets agitated we are branded as angry and abusive towards the staff.
 It seems to me there is a double standards here and we come off the worst.

So perhaps it's time for those in charge of the NHS to take notice and change things for the best.

It's time to stand up and fight for Admiral Nurses, so that those with dementia are given the specialist care they deserve. We all deserve this, as do our carers. Our carers are our angels, but they too need support and help, so it's up to us all to fight for this service now.


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