I am still allowed to drive for the moment

Today I had a phone call from the DVLA, to say that providing I have a letter from them, and  agreement from my doctor, I can carry on driving even though my licence has been out of date since January 5th.

However as my licence is being reviewed by their medical department, I just have to be patient, and wait until l hear more from them, sometime in the next four to five weeks
I guess they are overworked, these days with all of the cuts to the civil service etc, and they are only doing their job, which may be worse these days with more and more people being reviewed by the medical department

I was rather concerned the other day when I heard to someone in the same position was stopped by the police, but whether they had this letter or not,I simply do not know.

I suppose I am very lucky, because this is the first time that I have been in this position since I went on to a yearly licence. 

If after all of this, I get my licence back, I will make sure that the forms are filled in and sent back within 48 hours. 


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