Co-ordination problems and the brain

Co-ordination is something we all take for granted, until it does not work the way it used to do.

I have have had to stop used many power tools, and a blow torch, because I tried to change hands and my other hand got in the way of the sharp or hot end, simply because I am not processing things the way I used to do at work. 

In one incident with a blow torch, I was burning paint from a window sill, and tried to change hands with the scraper, and somehow burnt my other hand, so I had to stop doing it. I simply found that I could not work out how to do this safely. Looking back I guess most people would have put the tools down and changed hands, but when your brain does not work as it should you end up doing many things that would be classed as dangerous.

I had to stop doing wood turning, because I simply forgot how to stop the machine and tried to grab the revolving block, which ended up damaging my fingers. 
After that my son took the lathe apart, under my wife's instructions and that stopped me using it. 
This machine had more emergency buttons on it than enough, for my own safety, but I forgot how to use them.

 I used to like swimming, but had to stop, because I found that when I moved my arms, my mouth was opening. So I was starting to swallow more water than I should. This was alarming, but it proved that something had gone drastically wrong in my way of processing information.

Sometimes when I am walking I find that my stick gets in the way of my leg, and I am lucky if I don't trip. 

I sometimes completely miss the doorway and hit the door or the frame, ending up with bruises on one arm or another. 

Many tasks I used to do on a daily basis, have now been given up, because of co-ordination problems 

All of which makes me wonder just what is going on in the brain. 

The brain is a wonderful thing when you think about it, a bit like a computer, but when the information it's getting is wrong then things go wrong. 

This is all things I simply do not understand. 


  1. This must be very frustrating for you. Thank you Ken for sharing your difficulties.

  2. It is at times, but I guess that there is always someone worse off than me. I am extremely lucky to have my wife Daughter and son to keep me going .

  3. tnx for share ken , very usefull info , i had a parent that has the same problems, tnx


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