Hello My name is

There is now a lot odd discussion in the media today about hospital staff talking to patients properly, and treating them with respect.

 This starts with, my name is and. Am your nurse or doctor today.

It has been pointed out that staff should introduce themselves to the patient, and then explain what they are going to do, ie give you an injection or clean your wound etc. 

while this is a wonderful idea, I do wonder if it will work in practice as many Doctors, and Nurses, seem to be running around with little or no time for the patient. 

also wonder if this is done in their training these days, and whether they are allowed enough time on the wards or clinics to actually get the time to speak to those in their care.

A few months ago I had to go for an X-ray at a hospital, and was taken back when this young lady came up to me, checked my name and invited to to walk into the X-ray department. 

From here I got what I thought was a very formal introduction, which threw me slightly, because it looked like something I had seen on television something like speed dating, although when she had finished I felt totally relaxed and at ease. 

She explained why I was there, and what she was going to do, and even though I have had many X-rays before, this put a different slant on it. It was a more caring and personal way of dealing with someone these days, 
It was not just a case of strip off and stand over there until you are told to move.

I had never come across this apart from my physiotherapist who did this the first time I went to see her, although on this occassion my wife was with me, as it was to do with my balance and knee problems. 

On reflection it is a lovely idea to feel that you are put at ease, and feel as if the staff actually care, your not just another number or person that they have to see. 

I guess that's it is different if you are an inpatient on a ward, as you will see many different people, coming up to do different things during the day and at night, but if it works it could be a night idea. 

This will go along way to help those who have dementia, etc as it may well help them to settle knowing that people are trying to be friendly.


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