Dementia diagnosis within 6 weeks

Today we heard that doctors were being told to speed the dementia diagnosis procedure up from 6 months if your lucky, to 6 weeks. 

The National Health Service is already overloaded, and we live in a time where you cannot see a doctor normally for 3-4 days.

 It also takes time to get an appointment to see a specialist, so how on earth do they think people can be diagnosed with dementia within 6 weeks. 

Hospitals are stretched to the limit and being run by incompetent managers as this government knows only too well, because they are sat on a report by Sir Stuart Rose who was commissioned to look into the state of the Health Service. But Mr Cameron will not admit to the existence of this report, so just how can anyone rely on his honestly.

Family doctors are already overloaded, and putting this extra work on them at this time is total stupidity, because they will be blamed when people are not diagnosed within the 6 weeks 

At the end of this there is no treatment so what is the point of a fast diagnosis procedure. 

To me it's just another political gimmick to encourage people to think that they care about people with dementia while encouraging them to vote this government back into power again.

This is very sad when we live in a time where money for medication is being cut back, yet they are implying that everyone diagnosed as having dementia will get medication. 

If this government was at all concerned they would have admitted that dementia can strike at any age, but they carry on talking about dementia being age related 

I think this government are using family doctors as whipping boys, to ensure that they get their own way, with an impossible target.

It's only a few weeks ago when this government said that they would pay family doctors for every person they diagnosed as having dementia 

Pardon me for being cynical, but I feel that all this coming out this weeks tricks me of a desperate government which is using this illness to get themselves out of a huge mess.


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