Dementia and getting things wrong

People with nuerological illnesses like dementia etc, are at a distinct disadvantage to other people because our brains are in control of us and therefore things happen before we have had a chance to think clearly.

I know that over the last few years I have said things that were not intended, some of which could have been hurtful, and when this  happens it's very distressing for us and for those who care for us.

For some horrible reason something comes into our brain, and then we say it without being able at times to think clearly of what is coming out of our mouths, sometimes it's the wrong words, which put a different slant on what we are trying to get out.

Even a simple task like answering a question can cause an upset in a bad day, if we are not up to it or very tired, and yet in many cases it's the so called professionals,  who take things to heart instead of making allowances , for our mistakes, and trying to help us out of a difficult situation.
 Trying to work something out can cause us to get agitated, and thins only makes things sound even worse

  Life has changed so much since I was working and in many cases the world and this country are worse that it was just a few years ago.

This causes extra stress as we want to put out point over without sounding extremist, because no one can understand how things can get so out of control in just a few years.

Not to long ago charities would use people like us for news items, but now it's all left to high profile people, who have never lived with the illness, yet think that they can speak for us.

Perhaps we do not always speak for the charity, or perhaps they think that professionals can speak better than we do, because they do not make mistakes.


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