Can we ever believe the media

This week we heard that the media had overstated the benefits of the Mediterranean diet
We have also heard many times that certain foods and alcohol are bad for us one minute, then the next they are good for us.

This is very confusing to me and I guess that I am not alone with this.

They say that aluminium is bad for us, but here again is this just more media speculation we have no evidence to explain it.

No one knows what causes this illness, yet we see daily headlines about this or that being the cause of dementia, or this is a miracle cure etc, but just how much of this is headline grabbing, more about selling newspapers than true facts.

Many people take the media as being correct, but I have learnt that the British media will use and tactic to get their papers sold whether it's true or not.

We also have a Prime minister and government who claim to be dementia friends, yet they will not stand up to the press and stop these lies being printed, so are they frightened of clamping down on the media and these stories which are hardly true.

Surely these stories should never be printed if they are untrue, but I suppose at the end of the day the media simply do not care about those with the illness, they simply see us as a way of getting good headlines, totally ignoring the fact that we may see something that gives us hope, only to be dropped when we learn that the information is not correct.


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