Mobile technology

I confess that I do not understand people's obsession with mobile technology these days.

There was no such thing when I grew up, the nearest telephone was in a telephone box at the end of the street.

If a business person was on a bus or train, they waited until they got off to telephone someone, partly because you did not wish to interrupt other people's thoughts or conversations.

These days how ever people seem to walk along the street, cross roads cycle and even drive while looking at mobile phones.

 These days I have so much trouble watching where I am going due to my balance, that I am forever being pushed or bumped into by people looking down at the mobile phones or tablet computers.

There is nothing worse than watching for paving slabs which are sticking up, and then being bumped into by someone on a mobile phone. 
I think the main problem is that while I am looking at the pavement, I can also see feet coming towards me. 

But up I stop and watch, it's amazing, just how many people stare into their phones while trying to walk in a straight line irrespective of other pedestrian's etc, going in the opposite direction

I often where common sense has gone when we go out shopping, as everyone seems to be in their own little world. 

Sometimes we get the occasional person who seems to be multitasking with two mobile phones, and this really makes me wonder if these people live in the real world.

I have come to the conclusion that respect is something that no one thinks about these days, it's a case of me first and then others.


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