People with dementia and voting

As we are coming up to a general election there is a great deal of discussion about how people with dementia etc, are supported in voting.
In the UK there is a general lack of interest in voting, possibly because we now have three main political party's and there is very little difference between them.

These days we seem to have the equivalent of three Tory party's, all variations of the same party, all looking after themselves and the wealthy, while totally fogetting the poor, sick and elderly.

The days of the three independant parties has long gone, and the days when politicians told the truth has passed us by, as they all seem to distort the truth to fit their needs, or as they say, put a spin on it so that normal people never get the real truth.

Yet many elderly people especially those with dementia may remember the political parties of old, where there were real differences, between the working class parties like Labour where people came up through the ranks from industry etc and the wealthy Tory party.

However I do wonder whether there is anyone to help people in need of support.

Yet how many people with dementia are given the support to decide who they wish to vote for. This is a grey area, because people could be influenced by others rather than hat they want.
I do feel that this is something which needs to be looked at so that those who have these illness are supported to get involved in voting, and are allowed to vote for themselves.


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