Christmas and Neurological illnesses

Christmas is a time of good cheer, and a time for meeting up with loved ones.

Yet many people who have neurological illnesses, struggle to cope either because they live alone, or they simply find it hard to cope with noise etc.

These people may or may not require or want support from others at this time of year, and this must be respected, while ensuring that they are well looked after by the services.

If you are with a family there may well be young children around, all making noise, there may also be Balloons, Christmas decorations, or flashing lights on a Christmas tree.

Illnesses like dementia can be mood changing, and this causes extra stress on families and friends.

We have to plan around those in the later stages of the illness, who may well find this situation to be very stressful and upsetting.

While I love having the family around I don't cope with noise very well these days, but I am very lucky to have a family and grandchildren who are very caring and understanding.

My heart goes out to all who may be alone this Christmas, because many with dementia feel alone even when they have family or friends around them.

We must also remember those who care for people living with these illnesses as this can be a stressful time, as they are possibly working very hard to cope.


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