Robin Williams RIP

It has been a very sad month, for millions of film goers, who remember the actor Robin Williams, who they thought the world of, due to his many roles in many films, some serious and some hilarious.

He was a man who by all accounts got right into the person he was acting, and I suppose this must have put a lot if pressure on him over the years

Robin was diagnosed as having Lewy Body Dementia, and for reasons known only to himself, sadly took his own life

This is not a very nice illness to live with, and no two people have the same problems.
We are all individuals with individual problems and symptoms.

Robin is one of a host of well known actors and personalities, who had been diagnosed with a neurological disease, such as Motor neurone disease, Parkinson's disease, and Lewy Body Dementia, to name a few.

Many people found ways to cope with their illness, but as many of us living with the illness know, it has its down sides at times, things like depression, which can be hard at times

Many of us lost our jobs through the illness, and this could have hit Robin hard.

I was famous or a Star like Robin, but I was a University College Engineer, but in the end I could not remember how to do my job, something which hit me hard at first, but now it's all gone. 

Robin could have been struggling to remember his words, or could have been in the position where the future, filled him with uncertainty and  fear. 

Many people with Lewy Body Dementia, do not struggle with short term memory problems, but some of us do, as this causes problems, as we feel as if we do not fit in with the model symptoms.

However as I was told recently, people sometimes have extra problems which are mainly cause by mixed dementia's, so they could have say Lewy Body Dementia and also Alzheimer's disease, where people do struggle with short term memory. 

Robin was a super star, and very well loved by millions of people, as well as his loving family, who must be devastated by such a sad loss. 

Many people have openly said that, he would have been a wonderful ambassador to all who have this illness, but this was not to be

Rest in Peace Robin, and God Bless your family 


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