Talking To Graduate Nurses

Today I had the honour to go and speak to graduate nurses at Northumbria University about Living well with Dementia.

This was the third of three sessions this term, and its amazing the different response you get in different sessions

The first was slightly subdued, partly I suppose because its not a subject that everyone wants to learn about.

The second got more response and some questions, but today for some reason, I seemed to get a response that was unexpected and difficult to cope with.

This was because a few people were in tears, and these days I find it hard when a person cries,  but they must have really understood the problems we undertake daily.

I am not complaining about these people crying, because there are times when this illness reduces me to tears when things become difficult, to do or understand

We had lots of questions at the end, and as my wife said there were so many questions, that it could have gone on for longer, but someone else was following us, and its unfair to hold things up.

I have been to this University on a number of occasions during the last few years, doing very similar talks, and it never gets any easier, partly because, I know that even over the last year, I have lost control over so much.

Its been so nice being able to talk about this illness, but these days I am more selective about the things I talk about, because it can be very sad and hurtful, when I think about the Job and  hobbies etc, that I have lost through my memory, or they have simply become too dangerous to do any longer.

I hope to be able to do this for a little longer, but I know that when it all becomes too difficult, I have achieved something in as much, that I have been able to tell Nurses and lecturers, what our life is live, and possibly how they can help.

My Grammar and spelling are sometimes lost these days, unless I use spell check, and I still use voice activated software to write my presentations which are all written in font size 16, so that I can follow what I have written

Life can be hard, but today I felt as if I had won the lottery these people are so nice to talk too

I sometimes feel very nervous giving presentations, but at this University, I feel relaxed and at home

Thank you so much



  1. Its wonderful to read such nice comments, nad makes these presentations so much more worth while doing

    Thank you

  2. Dear Ken

    I was honored to be in the lecture where you spoke about living well with Dementia on 24th October. I just wanted to comment, as I didn't manage to do so earlier. You really are a remarkable gentleman, I cannot image how nerve-racking it must of been to present such a personal experience in front of that many people but you just dealt with it in a brilliant manner. You've inspired me to never give up (I myself have a long term condition) and that there is so much more in this world to explore.

    Please continue your fantastic work and remember during your 'bad days' you're an inspiration individual.

    Many best wishes Ken

    Clare (Student Nurse


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