New brain game from BUPA

I have been asked to trial a new brain game, and ask others who have this illness to try it and give their views.
The game was designed by staff at BUPA a private but highly respected health firm in the UK.

I tried this game and confess that I struggled with it, but I did wonder if that's my brain now.
Not only does it test your brain, but it also tests your reactions and eyesight, as the squares appear to move at times , so you need to keep track of them.

I do feel that this will catch on when it's been launched, as brain training games have helped me over the last few years.

I have attached the email so that you can get a better idea of the work BUPA are doing

I have attached the link to the Websight, but if the link does not work, please do a search for it on the computers top search bar.

Hope you don't mind me getting in touch out of the blue - I'm emailing from Bupa  with news of a game we're launching which I thought might be of interest given your blog focuses on living with dementia.

In short, we've developed a memory game with a twist, designed to give users a sense of the confusion and disorientation that can come with living with dementia.

The aim of our game is to match cards to their pairs in the allotted time, however as time goes on, the cards start to move and become gradually more blurred making it increasingly difficult to complete. The idea is that users will feel frustrated and confused, reflecting how people with dementia often feel.

By 2025 it is predicted that more than one million people will have dementia. With our game we hope to raise awareness of the condition and give users a small insight into the some of the feelings those living with dementia can experience.

The game launches on the 15th October, so this would be a sneak preview for you and your readers. You can share it letting users know of the twist, or keep it under wraps so they only find out at the end - up to you. You can play the game here

Additionally, we also have some survey stats around 'memory blots' - those moments we can all experience where we lose our keys or wonder what we went upstairs for, but for people living with dementia, can be a daily occurrence. Do let me know if these might be of interest and I'd be happy to share these or any further info. And of course, if this isn't your bag, then let me know and I'll hold off getting in touch again.

 Please feel free to try this and post your comments back to me where they will be added at the bottom


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