Does the UK government really care about dementia

After being involved in dementia projects for a few years including government projects I wonder if I am becoming synical, as many political parties seem to get involved, but do not have the real interest to get things moving poisitively.

The dementia strategy was launched and yet the money was nor ring fenced, and the strategy was not mandatory. It was not new money neither as the minister admitted that the money was already in the system and needed to be spent more wisely. 

We are now seeing Mr Cameron using dementia in the G8 summit, and now paying doctors £55 each to diagnose people earlier, something than many people are angry about. I do wonder why the money was not put into research rather than paying doctors to do the same thing they did two years ago,

Many of us feel that dementia is simply being used as a distraction, and really does not mean anything at all to politicians. 

One moment they are implying that dementia is age related, and the next they want early diagnosis, but they never talk about the younger people who have dementia, is this because they do not really understand that the illness is not age related.

I live in hope that one day we will get politicians who tell the truth and stop using peoples lives to distract from their own political failings.


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