Nice but tiring day

My wife and I took two of our grandchildren to Portsmouth historic dockyard today, as a way of saying thank you for doing so well at school. We could not take the youngest as he was still at school and did not finish until tonight.
We went around the Mary Rose museum which was amazing as we have followed this since this ship was raised from the bottom of the river Solent in the 1990s and to see this again was lovely. We had not
 Been there since our daughter was around 8 years of age, now we took her own children. 

We also went round the HMS Victory which was a little difficult due to the height and spaces on board and the fact that I stumbled on two occasions but I really enjoyed it all. 
We finished off with a boat ride round the harbour and navy yards before heading off for an ice cream and then got the train back home.

It was a lovely day but I was very tired in the end 


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