Its time to reclaim our Health Service

We are hearing stories on a daily basis about the National Health Service being in a mess and being close to failing, yet this can be corrected if a little thought was put into it, and politicians worked together in a Cross Party Group, instead of one side changing the rules each time they come to power.

The only way to resolve these issues is for all parties to work together for the benefit of the people of this country, instead of allowing commercial and Foreign companies to take control.

There are far too many private companies getting involved with our health service, with one view, and that is to make as much money as they can at our expense. This government is not doing anything to stop this, possibly because they may well have financial links, and could be making money already at our expense.

This is the National Health Service and not a private business

There are far too many private jobs being done on the health service now, and its obvious that the service can no longer cope, so changes need to be brought in before its too late.

There are also far too many people abusing the system these days and this needs to stop. This includes people coming into the country for free treatment, when they should be paying too and this needs to be looked.

But when we look these days we are always seeing stories of ladies going in for breast implants etc which  are not important, people getting nose jobs done which are only to make someone look better, but let's be honest about this, if it's not needed as the result of an accident etc, it should be paid for privately.

It's not the first time managers have allowed these things to go through yet, people wanting treatment for cancer etc, are told to buy their own medication because the health service cannot afford it.

If this happened in a private business these managers would be sacked, ans so they should

By the same token every week we hear of people getting drunk, needing an ambulance and hospital treatment. Surely they should be given the bill because this is self inflicted, these people are just abusing a system which is overloaded, and many become abusive to hospital staff.

What happened to the days when people accepted their bodies and got on with life. I could understand them wanting to change if they had birth defects, but changing because they don't like the size of their breasts or nose etc, is wrong and should not be subsidised by the public

Millions of pounds is wasted on these drunks every week and it's very wrong, we should go back to the old days when drunks were put in a police cell for the night, and sometimes got charged with being drunk. These people soon stopped getting drunk because they knew full well what would happen

However one of the major faults these days is that the health service is run by management which is too top heavy, so we should go back to the days when the service was run by qualified health service staff, ie doctors and matrons etc all run with a board who were accountable to the patients.

These days if a hospital is in the news for the wrong reason, guess who is never mentioned, the one person who is responsible for running the place the "Chief Executive", yet they are paid £150-000 plus and get golden handshakes when they leave, or are forced to leave because they have failed to run the hospital properly

Having worked in the health service many years ago when the boards with matrons and doctors ran a hospitals,  I was horrified when Chief Executives were brought in because I said things would get worse, and here we are.

We should go back to these old ways of running this service, where everyone in the health service was accountable from the cleaners up to the board and no golden hand shakes were given out for failure. If you failed you got the sack.

It's now time to change the health service and bring back to old principals, where there were very few infections because hospitals were spotlessly clean, and everyone had high standards. What is more there was no government red tape, because it was and is not needed if everyone does their job properly in the first place.

But before we can do that we need to change government attitudes towards our national health service, to stop interference, money wasting and wholesale privatisation.
I may have dementia but I can see this is heading for total disaster and it has to be stopped now before its all sold off and we end up paying for basic treatment in the future 


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