Comments about nightmares

As I am having problems with messages I thought I would copy this one which arrived in my emails last week while I was on holiday, and it concerns my nightly nightmares.

I will however point out that my graphic nightmares started before I was put on any medication, so in my case, I do not think they are linked.
My own medication needs to be taken twice a day, morning and tea time, so there is no way around these issues for me, unless I was to go on to an Exelon patch 

However it is good to hear from others who may be struggling with similar problems, because as we all know we are all so very different with different problems and symptoms
Thank you Sally, please keep sending in your comments and I will have them published one way or another

Hi Ken
A kind lady has written to the AS National Helpline following your article in Living with Dementia. She had nightmares too and wanted you to know that these have stopped after she took her anti-dementia medication at lunchtime instead of at night and hoped that this might help you too.
Best wishes, Sally

Sally Carr


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