PM encourages more research into dementia

After reading about the Governments Dementia research plans, it prompted me to think about it

Mr Cameron the British Prime Minister wants to encourage research companies to look further into possible cures for dementia.
This to many people with dementia is the holy grail, and we all live in hope that someone will come up with a cure sooner or later.

There are medications on the market which help slow the illness down but nothing that stops or prevents it.#

Many people think that this will never work, as its too costly, and many companies have looked at this over the years, and then gave up because of the failures and the vast cost involved. This research also costs millions of pounds with very little to show at times

As well as all of this we have to consider the fact that if something does come out of this, it may well be squashed by the British Governments own departments, like the National Institute for Clinical Excellence as being too costly, or not worth the money.
This group stopped people getting dementia medication a few years ago, then they reversed their decision.
However, in that time some drug companies said that they would stop working on dementia treatments, something that was understandable but also very sad.

When I look back, these research companies also had similar problems in the 1950-60s with Cancer treatment and cures, however this has moved on, so there is some hope for those of us with dementia.

But when we look at many have said in the past that dementia is not a trendy enough illness to warrant the millions of pounds in research, but without this research, millions of people will have to put up with this horrible illness, which wrecks people lives and families.
Many of us have lost friends and jobs, and this only makes a bad job much worse.

I think we are now seeing changes because many now realise that dementia is not age related, but can be got at any age in life.
Dementia is also not just one but a group of many diseases, which cause problems with the brain. There are also well over 120 variations of dementia, so no two people are the same

We are all individuals with individual problems and symptoms
So let us hope that somewhere along the line this research is successful and new treatments are made available, in the future.

We can all be cynical about  whether this is just another ploy by a Government to take the heat off themselves by discussing dementia, but we all need to go with this in the hope something comes out of  it.

It may well be too late for many like myself, but at least those following will stand a better chance.

Many like myself who are on medications which are supposed to slow the illness, have also made lifestyle changes, in an attempt to add extra years. This like trying the Mediterranean diet, or Indian curries etc which are supposed to help stop the illness, but do they work, I don't know, but anything is well worth trying.


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