Ipads and dementia

When I was at work I had two computers in my office, one for general work ie reports e mails estimates etc, and another which was linked to all of the boiler rooms in the college and controlled everything, so that I could see what was happening in any boiler room or plant room without actually leaving my chair.

 Then this illness kicked in and I lost control of using a lot of technology, something which terrified me.

I managed to hang on to my computer although found control getting worse as time went by.

I now use as I pad and have been amazed at how life has changed, for me at least.

Everything I want is there within easy access, whether it's my blog, e mails, Facebook, Twitter, and brain training games.

I am in contact with friends without having to think about it too much.

I can use my left hand on the days my right hand has tremors, and it's so much easier to use than a computer, that I look back and wonder how we managed over the years.

As well as that something has reversed in my brain now, so while I have always been right handed, when I am typing on the computer, my left hand has become much faster, than my right, so it causes upset, as all the letters of the words get mixed up. This means that I have to sit on one hand and just type with one hand.

I find doing brain training things can be addictive at times, because it's me and dementia trying to out do the computer, but if it helps then so be it.

When I look at these ipads, I do wonder if there Is anything which cannot be done on them, but I am still learning to use it and still finding new things to try out when I am up to it

When we consider that these include things like alarms which can be used for mediation etc they are indeed a wonderful thing.

Also included is a diary which I also find useful on a daily basis, as everything is there in front of my eyes.

I can recommend anyone who has this illness to try one of these ipads to see if it helps them as much as it helped me.


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