Ipads and brain games

I have been asked many times how I still keep going, but much of this I think Is down to the fact that I spend so much time each day and sometimes at night doing brain training games on my ipad.

I know that I cannot beat these games, but I keep trying to do it, perhaps because I am stubborn. 

These games are built into these ipads and computers, so that you are not only trying to play the game, but also trying to beat the computer, something we really do not stand a chance at doing, but part of me still wants to at least try to do the impossible.

Some days with my tremor I struggle with the ipad but at least I can use my left hand to play these games etc, something I find impossible to do on my computer, but then I do not use that very much these days, simply because the ipad is much easier to keep control of. I do not have to keep looking down at the keyboard all the time, then forgetting what I am doing. 

I do find that these games are much more interesting then then television as I struggle at times to keep up with what is happening, then loose interest. 

I do think it's very important to remain as active as possible these days, and doing these games does help my brain on the days I am not out doing something else. 

I also find them very handy on long train journeys these days, as I no longer like long journeys any more, so it helps to pass the time.

I do think ipads could play a major part in helping people with dementia remain active, and give them something to do on the days they are feeling low or lonely.

So perhaps there needs to be a push in society to get these things out into the hands of those who could benefit from having them.


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