Civil liberties

I am now wondering if civil liberties has gone over board these days and is being abused by anyone to protect their lives or past.

 Over the last few weeks we have heard many news bulletins telling us that convicts are trying to have their records removed from Google, as it's an invasion of their civil liberties.

But what about those who were attacked or abused by these people. They lost their rights and civil liberties when they were attacked so why should convicts get away with this, because like it or not they gave up their rights to civil liberties.

I know that my life is all over Google, but that was because I chose to stand up and talk about living with dementia, and if I write a blog or stand up and speak in public, then I am exposing myself to public anyway.

As far as many people with dementia are concerned, they lost their civil liberties when they were diagnosed, as they are going to need support for the rest of their lives, but this does not stop them getting on with their lives, nor in many cases do they wish to hide it, it's part of their lives and they accept it and move on.

They have done nothing to attract this illness yet they have accepted the inevitable.

So is it time to review this civil liberties law and use it only to protect the innocent.


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