Long hard session with infection

I am sorry that I have been off line for a while, but its all down to long term illness

Ever since last January I have been struggling to clear chest infections, but this last one has gone on too long and has taken it out of me.

I have been struggling with a chest infection since December and its starting to get me down.

This is the fourth set of antibiotics and the Doctors now think they have just got the correct tablets this time, which seems very odd.

The last time I saw the doctor I was told that the tests done two weeks prior to my last visit showed that I was growing two infections in my lungs, and this is getting me worried.

However I am now struggling to think straight and starting to get very agitated and annoyed at times which is getting very distressing to all around

I know that I have problems at times but this is now getting worse, and I am beginning to wonder if the antibiotics are causing more stress

There are times when my memory feels as if it has been completely wiped, and this is distressing.

I have also been told that if this does not clear, I will be in hospital and this worries me simply because I don't wish to go into hospital at all.

Over the last few days I have had a rough time, and I fear my wife has taken the brunt of all of this, so I am waiting for these tablets to finish on Friday then we will wait to see what happens

If this carries on I fear this blog will be ending very soon, but I am hopeful that this will not happen. 


  1. Ken I am so sorry to hear of your continuing infections and I hope these other tablets do the trick.


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