Very wet outside

Its a very typical British day today wet and horrible, but I suppose it could be a lot worse as there is snow forecast for some parts if the country today.

I am feeling much better today apart from having a very sore hip and knee but that's all down to old age and the weather, so no complaints there, just get on with it.

The  Grandchildren have been wonderful this weekend and I could not have asked for more as I was feeling rough when we got here,  and they seem to sense my predicament,  which is strange considering their ages, but its nice.

The eldest daughter who has Asperger's has been following me around looking after me, and helping me with the washing up after the meals and we are really starting to bond together which is nice.

I do this so I am a way from the noise at times, as I struggle with acute hearing, as does this very young girl, so its a way of bonding and having an enjoyable time away from others who may be noisy.

We went out for a meal yesterday and the two of us were sat on a different table to to everyone else, and had a lovely chat, and we both left feeling happy being together.

I miss the grandchildren as we don't see them very often, but when we do see each other we try to enjoy life, something which is not always possible with my dementia and the Grand daughters Asperger's,  but I do feel that we may be getting somewhere.

Yesterday was a bad day as my tablet computer failed and I had to restore it to get in the internet, but after a few hours It was back to normal again and I was happy, I feel so lost without a computer and internet these days.

Let us hope the rest of the weekend is as happy as what's gone.


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