Another bad night

Another very long night, when I could not get comfortable in bed, as I was breathless and very uncomfortable around my chest and back, so I got up and sat in my arm chair.

Last week I was told that I could now have pleurisy, which is odd when they have been telling me that it was a chest infection
I did not sleep much in the chair, but was comfortable as I had a pillow behind my back for support. I had my Chest x ray this morning, and now I have to wait another 7-10 days before I get my results back from my doctors....        
The x ray department said that I should have been seen well before now, but I guess that’s all down to the National Health Service, who for some reason keeps changing the rules about arranging X rays.                                      
This is my third set of antibiotics and steroids this time round, the fourth in six weeks, so I just want this over with now. I was told that if this does not clear, this time round I would be admitted into hospital, but I know that I am not even considering that option, after the problems I had when I had pneumonia.

After that I ended up with a fear of hospitals, because the place was absolutely grim, and the toilets and bathrooms were filthy, so I have no intention of going into another one. As well as that, with my memory problems I get confused in those places, and they will not want me there with my graphic nightmares

I just want to get back to giving presentations about living with dementia, not feeling like a caged tiger, I guess I am just a very bad patient 


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