Words don’t come as easy as they did


A few weeks ago while I was speaking to a large group of people about how my life has changed since getting this illness, and I realised that life is no longer as easy as it used to be.

I had said how my tastes in food have changed to so much that my wife does not understand it

My taste in music has also changed quite a lot, something which always strikes me as very odd, as I was always what could be called pretty conservative in what I ate, and listened to.

But I went on to say how my taste in politics has also changed, and this hit me more than anything else, when I have realised.

I was supposed to say that for some reason I have become vocal, where before I was always quiet.  But the shutters came down, my mind went blank, and I lost my place.

When I realised I said the first thing that came to my mind, and that was that I had become very “political” rather than vocal.

This completely threw me in the wrong direction, because I had not meant to say that I had become politically vocal, but it’s the way it came out.

I then had to attempt to apologise when my wife pointed this out.

But it really made me wonder how many times this has happened over the last few years.

My wife has told me that it’s happened a few times, but she thought nothing of it at the time, but after this event she pointed it out to the audience after the event, and it was accepted, but everyone that I know of.

A few people said that they have noticed this with other people who have dementia, so perhaps it’s part of our problem getting the right words out, without upsetting anyone, however I know that is easier said than done.

Sometimes when I panic trying to think of an answer to a question I have been asked on the spur of the moment. Either the wrong words come out, or the right words in the wrong order.

When this happens we go off on the wrong direction, and that causes more problems as someone usually takes it totally the wrong way.

The brain is a weird thing, and I suppose when it’s working well we don’t take any notice.    



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