Living with dementia

As some one living with dementia, I have realised that life is an up hill struggle at times.
When I was first diagnosed, I did not think it possible to do so much and have so much fun, after what to many is the diagnosis from hell.
But I guess I was stubborn enough to fight it, when my wife and daughter said, that they were not going to let my give in to the illness.
To many people this diagnosis gives you a  label, and from then on you feel pidgeon holed, but its up to the person with the illness, and then family to fight all the way if they can, and if the person who has the illness is fit and young enough to do it.
There are many charities and organisation's today, where people with dementia can go for support and help, although many don't offer the type if practical suport that they used to give,
However by spending time with someone on line it is possible ti find support of line kind or another,
I have enjoyed a few extra years doing things I would never have thought posssible after the diagnosis, and now I realise that things are catching up slowly, and perhaps its time to ease right off,  as I am getting tired, and my concentration is no longer what it was.
But I have proved that anything is possible when you are diagnosed early enough and get the support medically and from other sources,  so I would recommend everyone who can do it,  to go for it and fight all the way.
I am not ready to give in yet, but will take life a lot easier,  and spend more time with my family while I can still enjoy their company.
I have had the extra pleasure of meeting many new friends over the years, and will look back on this with pride. I have also watched the film about  "Walking with the Wounded" about how injured service people, walked to the North Pole  with false arms and legs, and that proves to me that anything is possible if you really try
So never allow yourself to give in, show what its possible to do and enjoy yourself, the world is your oyster. 


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