Number of people with dementia set to soar by 2050, according to major global report

 Alzheimer's Society Report

Published 19 September 2013
The number of older people dependent on care will rise threefold to 277 million worldwide in the next thirty years and almost half of those people will be living with dementia according to a report.

Alzheimer's Disease International’s World Alzheimer Report 2013 finds evidence of a 'global Alzheimer's epidemic' but says that a lack of caregivers and support for family members will lead to a gulf in care and support.

As thousands of volunteers around the country walk to raise funds for people with dementia this weekend, a roundtable to discuss the global challenge of dementia will take place on Friday September 20.

The event will be moderated by the BBC's Fergus Walsh and will feature key leaders from the health sector including Alzheimer's Society Chief Executive Jeremy Hughes.
Alzheimer's Society comment:
'Dementia is the biggest health crisis facing the world today, with numbers of those with the condition set to treble worldwide. People with dementia often struggle with tasks we take for granted and without support things like washing and getting dressed can be near impossible.

This report is a wake up call to governments across the world about the immediate need to put in place more care and support for the more than 100 million people who will be living with dementia in 2050 and their carers.

The government's G8 summit on dementia this year will be a key opportunity to rally support from world leaders to tackle dementia together. One in three people over 65 will develop dementia so we need to see political leadership to avoid a spiralling global crisis.'
Jeremy Hughes
Chief Executive
Alzheimer's Society


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