Today my blog is read in 102 countries and has now over  17.000 page views, something I never thought I would see, when it was meant as a simple online diary after my diagnosis of early onset Lewy Body Dementia.

Its nearly 11 months ago since I lost the old blog on Armistice day 2012, our wedding anniversary, when I somehow pressed the wrong button and lost everything

I realised that I had two chances, either let it all go or start again with a new blog,

Luckily for me I had done all of the pages on Windows Documents so they were all saved on my computer, and I have not looked back since. '

The odd thing was that all of the old page readers came back very soon after stating the new blog and I have far out done the old blog with readers and page views.

So its been an amazing day and could not have done this with out all over the regular readers from around the world. Its strange but I somehow feel that its all friends reading this blog now, because they all come back everyday.

Many thanks to you all for giving me a reason to get up each morning and do something tangible and certainly not expected. It would have been too easy to stop and give in to this illness but you all kept me going.



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