Suprised at pickup

Just returned from a holiday at my daughters and was amazed when I looked at my blog as it seems to have taken off completely.

On 11th November last year I set up this blog as a way of keeping my brain active for a little longer, but I had not expected it to go on the way it did.

I had written the original blog four years ago when my consultant told me to keep as active as possible, in the hope that it would help slow my Lewy Body Dementia down.

However I did this as an online diary and never considered the fact that other people would be reading it. I lost that in early November when i pressed the wrong key and deleted my Google account by mistake.

I tried to get it reopened but Google were not interested, so I had to consider whether to give it up as a lost cause, or start all over again.

I decided to stay active and start again, remembering that all if my posts were written in Word documents and saved on my computer.

The old blog had reached 10,000 page views in the four years it was running was read in 85 countries.

Today this blog has reached 10,450 page views in 73  countries, something I find truly amazing.

Now I have to keep it going for as long as I can although life is slowing down a little these days.

But I would like to thank all of the readers and those who send in emails as they have helped me to achieve so much.



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